With her powerhouse vocals leading the way, Katherine Rondeau delivers a rootsy performance that harkens back to the best of the Folk Revival with a modern style. Ron Olesko, Traditions, WFDU-FM

Katherine Rondeau Bio

Katherine Rondeau is a full-throttle singer-songwriter who focuses her passion for classic folk music through a thoroughly modern lens. After bursting onto the Philly folk scene in 2015, she was quickly recognized for her rich, bold voice and engaging performance style. Katherine has since claimed her place at venues throughout the region including Godfrey Daniels,World Cafe Live, MusikFest, Burlap and Bean, Folk Project, and as a 3-time Philadelphia Folk Festival performer (2015/16/17).

How to describe Katherine's music? Her voice – strong, soulful, warm – rings out like a bell on a clear summer’s night. Her original songs draw audiences in and take them on journeys both real and imagined. Whether headlining or sharing the stage with others like Joe Jencks, Garnet Rogers, and Tracy Grammer, Katherine’s shows lead listeners through a gamut of experiences and emotions.

Katherine's 2016 release New Hope Chateau hit the top 20 on the Folk DJ charts with a #9 song and received kudos from folk DJs and journalists alike. A "Rich's Pick" from the legendary Midnight Special radio program, the Midwest Record wrote: She's got a big bold voice that raises the roof with very little effort. Her compelling story songs take on a myriad of themes, from love lost and love preserved to robust political anthems

In 2017 Katherine earned a rare honor as a double showcaser at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance conference (NERFA). Named as a Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ showcase performer (nominated by WFDU's Ron Olesko) AND a Semi-Formal Showcaser, she is being recognized for the depth and power of her songwriting and performance and is gearing up for East Coast and Southeast tours in 2018.

Katherine Rondeau Short Bios

No need for a formal introduction to the rootsy folk sound of Katherine Rondeau! A back-to-back-to-back Philadelphia Folk Festival performer (2015-2017), Katherine Rondeau's 's rich, silky voice combine with her powerful original songs and warm, bold personality to create a soulful folk experience you won't forget. 

Put yourself in the heart of hardscrabble hills Appalachia – hear that strong, lyrical wail calling down from the mountain, and the steel ring of the guitar strings? If so, you’re hearing the unforgettable rootsy folk sound of Katherine Rondeau.


Katherine Rondeau delivers a rootsy performance that harkens back to the best of the Folk Revival with a modern style. Ron Olesko, Traditions, WFDU-FM

It’s her material that really shines, in an understated manner that showcases her compelling voice and subtle arrangements... Read the Ink 19 review HERE...

There is a siren inside of songs of Katherine Rondeau on her latest release, New Hope Chateau. Her vocals are flames for fluttering moths of tenderness, inspiration, and fortitude...Strength and Soul in the words... Read the Alternate Root review HERE...

 If you love a stellar performer with a remarkable voice in the folk / country genre, "New Hope Chateau" will fit the bill very nicely. Read the Audiophile Review.com article here...

New Hope Chateau...showcases her warm, inviting  vocals and composing skills... Read The Nashville Blues Society review HERE...

A big bold voice that raises the roof with very little effort...
Read the Midwest Record review HERE...

Katherine delivered the in-your-face power of the rousing anthem and the exquisite pain of the love lost ballad with equal assuredness, masterful technique, and an emotional sincerity that connected each of us directly to her heart.  A must see!  Mark Schaffer, Programming Chairman for the Folk Project Acoustic Getaway

Don't miss Katherine Rondeau's silky voice and beautiful playing. Be warned: she will mesmerize you!”   Princeton Folk Music Society


Phone: 609-432-9127

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Selected Performances


2018 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Grassy Hill Emerging Artist Winner

2017 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) Semi-Formal Showcase Performer

2017 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) Folk DJ Showcase Performer

Philadelphia Folk Festival (2015, 16, 17)                                                                                                                                                                             Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (2018)
Ladybug Music Festival (2016 & 2017)
Huntington Folk Festival (2017 & 2018)
Delmarva Folk Festival
Veg Fest

Godfrey Daniels
Isis Music Hall                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Hurdy Gurdy Folk Club
Burlap and Bean
The Folk Project                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Philadelphia Folksong Socidty
Bull Run Theater
CT Folk
Dreaming Tree Coffeehouse
Ardmore Music Hall
Borderline FolkClub

House Concerts
Sundilla House Concerts
Chestnut Tree House Concerts                                                                                                                                                                                           Concerts at Our Place                                                                                                                                                                                                        PASA House Concert (2016 & 2018)