Katherine Rondeau solo is a real folk powerhouse. What does she sound like when she gets together with her friends?

Well put yourself in the hardscrabble hills of Appalachia – hear that strong, lyrical wail calling down from the mountain, and the steel ring of the banjo strings? Or stepping through the doors of a Village folk club into the sound of strong bass thumping and shimmering harmonies -- hear them crashing over the crowd? Well move it all ahead 50 years, plug it in, and you've got the rootsy folk sound of Katherine Rondeau & The Show.

Featuring Katherine Rondeau's trademark powerhouse vocals and guitar, Smiling Ed's alternately screaming and delicate mando and banjo, and Donna Bostock locking in the beat on upright bass and harmonies, Katherine Rondeau and the Show is making waves at venerated folk venues across the East Coast including Godfrey Daniels, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the Folk Project, Burlap and Bean, and MusikFest 2017.

The band earned a rare honor as double showcasers at the 2017 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance conference (NERFA). Named as a Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ showcase performer (nominated by WFDU's Ron Olesko) AND a Semi-Formal Showcaser, the band is being recognized for its depth and power and is gearing up for East Coast and Southeast tours in 2018!


Phone: 609-432-9127

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